Resting in the stars

So I was reminded today of a high school physics lesson in which I first learnt about how we are all made from stars. It is an interesting fact and one that seems impossible at first. However it is nothing other than the truth. If I remember correctly the only naturally occurring matter in the universe is hydrogen, every other element on the periodic table was made in the heart of a star, under the fusion generator which is gravity. The incredible density of the stars heart forms incredible heat and pressure, which are the catalyst for every other element to be formed from the calcium in your bones to the iron in your blood. The star then goes super nova and explodes these elements out into space where they coalesce into large rocks which join other large rocks and so on until a planet forms.

So if a planet attracts enough meteorites with water on them and is the right size in the right place an atmosphere forms and all the necessary elements are there for life to form all off them having been made in a star.

One day our star will die and it will expand out past the planet Earth and all of the elements that make up our bodies will go back to being part of a star, the circle of life on a vastly grander scale than the microcosm of birth and death played out day to day here. Even the stars have a birth and death and we are a small part of that process, that is beyond imagination in time and explosive power, and I find enormous peace in the thought of being part of this process and that one day everything that is me will one day rest in a star, the same place it began.


Does religion lower your IQ

I was reading in the paper today that the Taiseach of Ireland has been getting death threats, letters written in blood, and has been accused of murdering 20 million babies, because the government is passing a law that states if a woman’s life is in danger she may have an abortion to save her life. Of course this law has necessitated those intelligent, honest, current, and moral arbiters of the world the Catholic church, to take a moral stand. Of course the church has hated women for millennia so its probably a good thing in their eyes if a few of them die during pregnancy. Its alright for them to hate women of course because most of them seem to like little boys anyway, although you would think that would make them a little more shy about standing in front of cameras and claiming to be the moral authority of God after the revelations of peado priests and the cover ups by the church. I personally think that any institution that covers up for child rapists should be careful about the hubris of claiming any morals at all. Instead they should shut up and spend the next century or two cleaning house and spending some of their billions on charity work.
Then there is the religious zealots sending hate mail, 20 million babies Ireland only has a population of approx. 5 million. Even if this law remains unchanged for a thousand years I doubt more than 20 thousand women would use it. IDIOT. Could someone please explain to me what the problem is with this law. Its not abortions for all fifth one free, just for women who may die without it, what is the problem please explain.